What Does Fitness Mean?

The word fitness gets thrown around quite a bit. Military personnel are given fitness evaluations frequently. The results of the last election may cause some people to suggest that presidents should be given fitness evaluations as well. The contexts mentioned so far deal with mental fitness, they do not tell the person listening what physical fitness may mean. It is often physical fitness that a person worries about, and it consists of several components. Flexibility, overall health, diet, capabilities, and age. A person may be fit in one area and not in others. Exercise should also be included.

Diet, exercise and weight are often considered together when people mention the word fitness. They all come down to helping someone achieve a healthy weight, but they are not the same thing. Diet is what a person eats, weight can affect a person’s fitness and health, and exercise can help a person maintain health even if they have poor diet and a healthy weight. An overweight person who exercises regularly may be healthier than a smoking thin person with a good metabolism who never exercises. All of these things work together to make a person fit.

When mentioning fitness, it is important to remember that age plays a role. A person in their early twenties will likely be able to do more than someone in their 40s. A person starts losing muscle in his 30s, his reflexes slow down, and many other problems can get worse over time. A person in their 50s should not be held to the same standard as someone in his 20s or someone in his 30s.

Overall health should be considered when determining a person’s fitness as well. Conditions like diabetes can cause a person to have a lower level of fitness than someone of the same age. The person with diabetes may have nerve damage or other issues, depending on how well he controls his condition.

There are many different components of fitness. The wearable fitness trackers, which are popular at the moment, only track a few aspects of a person’s overall level of health. They do nothing at all for people who fail their fitness evaluations to serve in the military or to become president. If someone is not fit for either of those jobs, they may need to see a psychiatrist to find out why. It may also require the use of certain medications.