Stack Your Steroids For Top Results

Steroids are potent chemicals and they generate a very strong effect on the human body. With carefully regulated use, it is possible to gain almost 20-30 pounds of muscle mass in as less as one month. However, as we all know, this is an off-prescription use of steroids as steroids were not intended for use in healthy individuals. As it was never intended for use in healthy individuals, there was no information on steroid dosing, combining steroids and how to take steroids for healthy people who wanted steroids to increase muscle mass. For a lay person, it became difficult to calibrate steroid doses so they gained sufficient mass while keeping side-effects to a minimum. But veteran bodybuilders were smart. They started with low-doses and gradually built up enough knowledge about steroid use to get the results they wanted.

For a newbie, this is not the same. You don’t know dosing, results, exercise cycles, etc. and its not a good idea to experiment with a strong medication like steroids. In this case, it becomes necessary to learn as much as possible about steroid use and steroid dosing and this article should help you out.

*Cycling – Cycling refers to a process by which you increase and decrease the dose of a steroid or several steroids. This time frame is referred to as on-cycle. Cycling is necessary as it carefully starts, increases and decreases the external steroid supply for the body. This is necessary as the body has an internal regulatory cycle called biofeedback. When you take external steroids, the brain automatically detects the extra steroid floating in blood and it shuts down internal steroid production. To prevent this from damaging the body, cycling it required as it gradually increases and then gradually decreases the external steroid supply. When the brain detects the lowering of external steroid, it automatically starts production of natural steroids. In order for this cycle to be safe, you have to understand cycle lengths and steroid dosing and manage it carefully.
*Selecting the best steroid cycles – There is no such thing as the best steroid cycle as users tend to modify doses and cycle lengths to suit their personal requirements. Basic cycles start for three -six weeks. Advanced cycles may involve three to twelve weeks and so on. Modified or specialized cycles are also present and they are only for professionals who have already used steroids before.
*Steroid stack – A stack refers to a combination of different steroids used to gain a much more targeted result. For example, Testosterone enanthate and Nandrolone decanoate are commonly used together over a 10-week cycle followed by two weeks off treatment and three weeks of post-cycle therapy. This kind of stacking is selected to gain a much more targeted effect on the human body.
*How long should be the steroid cycle? – On an average, most men restrict their steroids cycles to anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. Shorter cycles are great for beginners but advanced users may increase their cycle to anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks. Its not unusual for users to try out a blast of 16-20 weeks as a long blast. Although this is a good cycle for sustained weight gain, it is not recommended for beginners as it is associated with significant side-effects.
*Choosing the best steroid stacks- For beginners, the best steroid stack is usually TEST in about 500-1000mg/w. However, this is fraught with problems and side-effects are common. A far simpler stack is TEST at about 500-600mg/w with other combinations.

As you can see, there is a lot of information about steroid cycles and steroid stacks online. Before you pick a steroid stack or steroid cycle, we recommend doing as much research as possible. To reduce side-effects, it also a good idea to start with a low dose and a short cycle to judge the effects of the medication on the body. If you are happy with the results of a low-dose short-cycle, you can move on to a advanced or highly advanced stack and cycle for better results.