Guide On How To Choose The Best ProHormone For Your Bodybuilding Goals

If you are considering using pro hormones for muscle and weight gains, it is important to have all the information you need beforehand to make an informed decision. One important factor that you must consider is that you must be over 21 years of age before you can start using prohormones. The main reason why prohormones are not recommended for younger individuals is because they are known to affect the normal growth and natural production of testosterone and there are very few studies done on the full effects of using them among youngsters. They are also recommended for individuals who have already mastered the art of exercising and dieting as the diet and the exercises play an important role in determining their effectiveness.

Beginners should also understand different pro hormones have different strengths and risks with the most potent also carrying the greater risk. It is best to start with a mild legal prohormone to see the effects before you can move to the strongest prohormone. This will help you understand the compounds that are highly effective and the ones with negative effects without putting your health at risk as most negative effects from mild legal prohormones can be quickly reversed by discontinuing the compound. Once you are familiar with the effects of the different compounds, you may consider stacking them to quicken and boost their effectiveness. Stacking lets you combine pro hormones in different combinations and strengths to enhance and quicken the results during your workouts.

Most of the athletes usually buy prohormones online for cutting, endurance and stamina gains and bulking. While most prohormones can be used for different purposes such as bulking and performance enhancement, it is important to note that some are best suited for a specific goal. Therefore, choosing the best compound depends on individual goal for using the compound and the effectiveness of that compound as well as its potency. The different effects are mainly due to the way prohormones work and thus, it is important to read detailed prohormone reviews to find out how different compounds work as well as their effects.

Top 4 prohormone Reviews


Superdrol is one of the strongest prohormone products available on the market. The popularity of Superdrol among bodybuilders is mainly due to its power and intensity in optimizing the body’s ability to increase synthesis of protein and nitrogen retention. It has a structure that resembles that of Masteron but without the ester chain. When it is properly used, Superdrol can offer remarkable muscle mass gains, size gains and strength and endurance boosts as well as quick muscle recovery.


Cynostane is one of the recently released prohormones on the market. This pro hormone is made from the Superdrol compound, which is altered to include a cyano bond instead of the 2a methyl bond that is found in Superdrol. Cynostane has a low androgenic action and it is non-aromatizing. The non-aromatizing effect means that the compound does not offer estrogenic related side effects despite its high degree of anabolic action.


Epistane features in the top 4 prohormone reviews for its unique aspect that enables it to cause astonishing muscle growth while carrying very low androgenic side effects risk. It works by attaching to the androgen receptors in the muscle tissues, which then initiates and promotes nitrogen retention and protein synthesis for muscle growth. Epistane also initiates other effects in the cells that help to change and fuse the muscle stem cells with the active skeletal muscles for increased growth potential and recovery.


Epiandrosterone is a popular bodybuilding pro hormone among athletes because it enables users to achieve the physique goals without worrying about water retention and the undesirable side effects. The pro hormone works by converting into DHT, which is responsible for the massive strength gains and muscle mass maintenance.